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Máy trợ thở Esse ES-7700AM | Máy trợ thở

Máy trợ thở Esse ES-7700AM


Hãng sản xuất     ESSE 3
Nguồn điện     AC 220V – 50,60Hz
Thông tin khác :
· Suitable for neonate, pediatric & adult
· 10.4” TFT color screen
· Multi-ventilation modes: IPPV, PCV, PSV, SIMV
· Three drawers; writing table; working table handle; top-light
· Select switch of fresh gas with O2+N2O,or O2+Air
· Gas monitoring module(optional): main stream
· CO2 monitoring module(optional): monitoring EtCO2 and InsCO2
· Six tubes of flowmeter , backlight
· CO2 absorbed circuit with heating system & switch key of vent
· Sensitive synchronized flow trigger
· Accurate tidal volume and compensation
· Inspiration flow rate control
. Monitoring waveforms: P-T, F-T, V-T ,, P-V loops, F-V loops, CO2 (optional)
. Parameters monitored: Vt, MV, f, Airway pressure (Peak, Plateau), O2,   dynamic compliance, InsCO2 (optional), CO2 (optional), battery (optional)
. 6 type of anaesthetic gas and CO2 monitoring(Optional)
. AGSS(optional)

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