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Máy giúp thở ICU Newtech 580 | Máy trợ thở

Máy giúp thở ICU Newtech 580


Hãng sản xuất     :NEWTECH
Xuất xứ :    Mỹ
·   Microprocessor controlled system
·   High speed servo and pneumatically driven electronically controlled ventilation system
·   For adult & pediatric
·   10.4″ TFT display
·   A detachable screen, possible remote operation of the machine
·   Suitable for ICU, Respiration, Medicine, Surgery, Emergency department and Operating room
·   Sensitive and synchronized trigger function effectively reduces the patient¡¯s work
·   Digital PSV servo system give more benefits to patient
·   Internal electronic air & oxygen mixing device makes the O2 adjustment quick and accurate
·   Internal E-PEEP
·   Intelligent apnea backup ventilation technique
·   Self testing, troubleshooting and warning system
·   High flow, and low noise medical air compressor

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